Monday, February 1, 2010


Should have been posted: November 1st.

Halloween was a much more fun event for us this year as Luke was able to understand more of what was happening and he was mobile enough to go places. When Luke was born, Keith's Uncle Jack and Aunt Kathi gave him a pair of real Wrangler's and leather cowboy boots. Since they fit him perfectly at Halloween, it was only right that he was a cowboy! Well, the jeans fit perfectly and the boots would have, but Luke's feet were a smidge too chubby to make it into unforgiving leather boots.

We decided to start off the day by visiting Keith at work. Luke adores going to Treeland, so any extra excuse to take him there is a bonus and I know that Keith likes when we get to stop by. As it happened, my parents were able to come with us as well.

Luke taking off as soon as he gets the chance. He is in full sprint mode the entire time we are there. As I get more and more pregnant (aka: fat), its harder and harder to chase him.

Howdy Dad!

Our second stop of the morning was to visit Andi for our annual Halloween visit. Luke loved getting to see Andi (and I did too!) and hopefully we helped her make it through another long day at the pharmacy.

We finished off the day by taking Luke trick-or-treating for the first time. Actually, Keith and Andi took him as I took pictures. Someone had to document it, right? The whole situation was kind of funny though. Even though lights were on, nobody answered at the first three houses they went to. I was poised to take pictures, to no avail. By the time they'd moved on to the fourth house, I'd pretty much given up hope of getting the picture, so I put the camera away. That's when the doors started to open, so I took it as a sign.

I'm so glad that even though this wasn't his first Halloween, he was able to have a great day with some of his favorite people and enjoy trick-or-treating!


Andrea Seibolt said...

I LOVE it when you visit me. As I remember you were my savior that day. It is amazing that God knows to put you in my life just when I need you! Love you and thank you for always being there (even when it is a shoulder to cry on)!

Belinda Berling said...

You were not fat, you were pregnant!! :)