Sunday, February 28, 2010


These past few days have been some of my hardest since becoming a mother to two little ones and poor Keith has taken on the brunt of my near lunacy pretty well. Between multiple middle of the night feedings, being vomited on several times, severely lacking in the sleep department, and dealing with anxiety issues in there too, I haven't been the most pleasant person to get whiny and panicky phone calls from in the middle of the day. I know that he wishes he could do more, but when he can't produce milk like I can, it pretty much limits his capacity to assist.

Today he got creative and tried to do things that he thought would help. I was able to take a two hour uninterrupted nap. Glorious. I didn't have to do all of the dishes. Amazing. He brought me home a box of Girl Scout cookies-Thin Mint!-from his trip to Sam's Club. Hallelujah!

Today I was reminded of what a thoughtful and generous husband I have. Although they were all just little things that probably wouldn't mean a lot to other people, they meant the world to me today. I am so blessed that I get to keep him for the rest of my life.


Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

You are SO lucky to have such a fantastic husband! Unfortunately mine hasn't thought to do anything like that and just complains that I don't cook anymore. Feel lucky to be so blessed!

Karen said...

How sweet!

My girls are 18 months apart so I know exactly how you're feeling. It's definitely a challenge going from 1 to 2. But I'm sure you'll do amazing! :)

Mattie said...

Isn't it all the small things that love (and life) are about? Kudos, Keith!

Heather said...

Aw. Once again your blog name is so fitting! :)

Belinda Berling said...

What a great guy!!