Saturday, February 27, 2010


So Luke acclimated to life as a big brother really well. Actually, way better than we had ever hoped for. He still runs to find Reagan every morning when he wakes up and loves to check on "baby." Although he still hasn't figured out that she has a name other than baby, he loves her none the less, and loves to be around her and help out with her as much as he can.

We do, however, think that he has started to miss some of the attention he used to get. Don't get me wrong, the boy still gets plenty of hugs and kisses and one-on-one time with Mom and Dad, but it isn't his time all the time. There is one distinct way we've come to think he likes to get attention.

He's decided to stick food up his nose.

The first time it happened was a few days after Reagan was born. He had corn on his tray with the rest of his dinner. I looked over at him and he had the strangest look on his face. He started to put his finger in his nose, but that part didn't strike me as odd because he's a nearly-two year old boy. Fingers in the nose are a common occurrence around here as much as it drives me crazy. The look sent alarms ringing in my head. Sure enough, there was corn lodged in his nose. Thinking I wanted to avoid another hospital bill, seeing as how we were racking them up for Reagan and her drama-filled birth, I decided to see if I could remove the corn on my own.

Probably not the best idea, but I had Keith hold his back and still as I removed it with tweezers (obviously not before I took pictures!). I was able to get it out safely and Luke received a very strict talk about where food goes. Since the initial instance with the corn, he has also experimented with peas and cookies. The peas were slightly more challenging to remove because he jammed it up there further and because of its rounded shape. I've learned that peas are not as easy to remove from the nose as corn is. The cookie he shoved up there actually flew out when he sneezed moments later. I hadn't even realized he could fit something that large in there.

Its been about a week since our last incident, but I'm just waiting to see what I'm going to have to fish out next. Crazy kid.

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Heather said...

Oh goodness! So proud of you for getting it out yourself! Hope you have remained incident free! :)