Friday, February 5, 2010


After the fiasco that yesterday was, I was reminded today why I've wanted to be a mom since I can remember. Keith was nice enough to handle Luke this morning while he was still here and let me sleep in a little extra. Once I was up and had finished feeding Reagan, I got my turn to eat breakfast. As I was standing up to clear my spot, Luke ran up to me and squeezed my legs as hard as he possibly could in a huge bear hug. Then he said the most amazing thing. "Yuv you." Translated, it means I love you. He said it completely unprompted for the first time and as he looked up at me with the most excited face, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Why dwell on the rough days when the days go by so fast as it is?

I can today say the same things that I said yesterday. It will get better and I will have good days and bad days. Yesterday I was saying it as a survival mechanism; today I say it proudly. I do love my family, my kids, my life. Everything isn't always perfect, but days like today remind me that it can come dang close.


kristi said...

That is so sweet. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mommy :) xo

kristi said...

I love those little moments also. It is true they they can pull you out of even the roughest of days. Congratulations on your new little girl.

Julie Letner said...

It's those moments that I love too :)