Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tricycle recycle

This tricycle was actually Keith's when he was little. It'd been sitting at his dad's house and I'm not sure who thought to bring it over here, but whoever did was a genius. Luke absolutely adores this thing. Granted, he's not actually big enough to ride it completely independently, but he loves sitting on it and trying. His feet barely reach the pedals and we're trying to help him understand the concept of pedaling without us having to push him.

I love that he's probably as excited about this tricycle as his dad was 25-ish years earlier.


Jessi said...

what a great handme down! he'll be cruising around in no time!

Belinda Berling said...

I love the smile on the second pic!!

Kristi and Derek said...

Yay for Luke! I miss that little guy! Can't wait for everyone to be better so we can finally see miss Reagan! I absolutely love the announcement picture. She looks so much like you!