Thursday, February 4, 2010

meeting santa and the mrs.

Should have been posted: December 22nd. I'm impressed with myself for remembering dates at this point!

Last year at Christmas, Luke was just hitting the stranger danger phase and I didn't feel like terrorizing the poor kid so that I could get the standard I'm-upset-to-be-sitting-on-some-random-fat-guy's-lap picture. I was so excited to take him this year. Keith and I had planned to take him to San Tan Mall on Keith's Saturday off and then let him play with the other kids in the play area and take him to lunch. We were going to make a really fun family day of it. Once I battled the food poisoning and had to take it super easy to keep Reagan in my belly and me out of labor, those plans flew out the window. Luckily, Beth's in-laws found a really nice couple (Santa and Mrs. Claus, of course!) to come to their home and Luke was able to meet Santa without waiting in a line and was surrounded by family at the same time.

Mrs. Claus started the presentation by reading us a story comparing Santa and Jesus and reminding us why we really celebrate Christmas. Then each person was given a gift and was able to have their picture taken with Santa-adults included! I don't remember the last time I sat on Santa's lap and I felt sorry for this one because I felt like I was going to break the poor man's leg with all of my added pregnancy weight. Luke still didn't want to sit on Santa's lap by himself, so Keith jumped in to sit with him.

I'm so glad that Mary Ann and David were thoughtful enough to organize an event like this. Luke didn't miss out on meeting Santa (or Ho Ho as he refers to him) and I didn't have to worry about a baby falling out while waiting in a line at a mall.

Mrs. Claus reading the story

Luke couldn't wait to get the phone he received out of the packaging before playing with it.

See Santa's face? He's worried his leg is going to break too...

Luke, Keith, and Santa

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