Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas day

On Christmas morning, we woke the kids up at 8am to see what Santa had brought. We've started the tradition since the kids have been born that we invite our families over Christmas morning to open gifts with us and then we share a yummy breakfast. This year did not disappoint. It may be chaos on Christmas morning, but we love the we get to share the joy of the holiday with our families. In the afternoon, we headed over to my cousin Kate's home for our traditional family get-together.

The phone is for you.

Just before the family showed up, we hear this crazy knocking on our door and ringing of our doorbell. Andi and Andrew had stopped by to see us on Christmas! I was so excited they came by because they're heading out to visit Andrew's family in Wisconsin, so we won't get a chance to see them for the next few days. Reagan sat still for the picture, but Luke couldn't be bothered. He was showing them all the goodness of the new kitchen and play food.

The phone is still for you.
Get it open Daddy! Faster!
Reagan loves a baby...
...but not opening more gifts. She's done and this is three gifts in.
Keith was obviously not super thrilled to be putting Reagan's stroller together.
Reagan is super excited to walk along with her stroller though. She gets so happy as she's pushing it along.
Pop Pop (while he's still awake) and Luke
Parker get s a turn.
Aunt Beth and Reagan (please notice the now-sleeping Pop Pop. He snores loud!)
A little sibling love.

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