Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas night

We wanted to end our Christmas day doing something with just our little family, so we decided to take the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights. They both get such a kick out of looking at the lights and sitting in the wagon. There is one house around the corner from us that has their lights cued up to music. This is them watching and Luke "listening."

I wanted to get a good picture of them together in front of lights. This gets to be very tricky at night. The first picture is with the flash so you can see their faces. The second is without and they are blurry. Oh well, at least I tried.

I love the kids and our little family. We had an amazing day celebrating Jesus' birth and I feel so blessed that I get to spend such a joyous day with them.


Traci Tenkely said...

What a great day! Love hearing about your family - and I still need to meet the princess!

Eric Hildwine said...

For those outside shots with lights in the background you need to pop the flash and drag the shutter with a real slow speed. It will freeze the kids in the foreground and still give you some background.

Belinda Berling said...

I agree with everything Traci said! :)