Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a double dose: 10 and 11

It's amazing how life can just speed right by with two kids and the holiday season. By the time I realized that Reagan's ten month post had been skipped, it was almost time to write out her eleven month post. My solution? I'll just combine the two into one giant post. Okay?

Here's Reagan's required chair picture for 11 months:

Sad side note: There is no 10 month picture. Horrible mother, I know. When I went to take the picture, the strap of my camera caught on the knob of the changing table as I was walking away carrying Reagan. As it caught and pulled me back, I had the choice to either drop Reagan or the camera. Luckily, I chose Reagan and she was safe. Not so luckily, the lens on my camera broke in two separate pieces. I was devastated, crying my eyes out, and totally forgot to go back and take the picture.

If we thought Reagan had a budding personality before, it has just blossomed over the past two months. She still has this hilarious laugh that sounds almost like a machine gun. Reagan is a firecracker who knows how to get her way and knows exactly what she wants. She can pull a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde on you so fast it'll make your head spin. Reagan will be smiling and screaming and back to smiling again in no time flat. She isn't afraid of much and has even gotten better being around people she's never met before.

Reagan is now a master crawler. She can get around like no body's business and pulls up onto everything. It almost seems like she's running around the edges of the couch now. She'll stand independently, but still hasn't taken any steps...and I am absolutely okay with that. The longer it takes for her to walk, the better. ;) When she gets really excited, she'll even start to clap for herself now. So cute.

I've always considered Reagan a Momma's girl; really she basically refused Keith for the first six-ish months of her life. That is no more. As soon as she hears Keith walk through the door, she books it to find him. And if we're in the playroom, she gets very angry that she can't get to him fast enough. I know you're surprised (snort), but Reagan does not possess the ability to have a lot of patience. 

Reagan has really become interested in toys; Luke's toys more specifically. She has already figured out how to push cars around and I swear she she's trying to make the engine sounds as she's doing it sometimes. For some reason, Reagan loves playing with socks and unless her shoes are on, her socks are typically taken right off. She thinks its so silly when I put her socks on her hands. Reagan also has quite the affinity for stuffed animals. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with them whether she's trying to nap or just out and about playing around.

Reagan's blanket is now the fifth member of our family. My sister made both Luke and Reagan their baby blankets and they both love to sleep with them. I thought Luke was super attached to his, but Reagan has brought the attachment to a whole new level. Reagan won't even go to the gym without it. She likes to have it with her when she's nursing, when she's playing, when we're going out. I don't necessarily always give it to her during all of those times, but she really does do remarkably better for an extended amount of time when she has it. Her favorite part of the blanket has to be the silky binding that lines it. She will rub that part to high heaven and even like to rub it on her face when she's especially frustrated.

I think we've finally found a cup that we can call a winner. Reagan is no good with a straw and she also doesn't like the hard spout found on most cups. This one seems to have satisfied all of her criteria for a cup: soft spout, handles, and no straw to be found. Its really funny to watch her drink out of it though. She'll grip one handle and toss her head all the way back to drink out of it.

Remember Reagan's fight she had with our tile floor? Here is the aftermath (Look at the right side of her forehead). It actually doesn't look nearly as bad in the picture as it did in person.  It ended up being a bump about the size of a quarter and pretty purple.

I love this crazy, sassy, sweet, silly, loveable girl and I am so glad to call her mine.


Mattie said...

Look at those big beautiful eyes! Congrats. To you for still nursing too. I'm now past the 18 month mark and can't believe I'm still doing it! I hope you have a very merry Christmas! (And that maybe there's a new lens waiting for you under the tree.)

Andrea Seibolt said...

I love this Little Miss SO dang much!!!!

Belinda Berling said...

She's a gorgeous baby!