Friday, December 31, 2010

go cards!

I feel like I had to say that considering the tickets we had were given to us for free. I can't really be angry at them for wasting my money when it wasn't my money that was wasted in the first place, right? This was the first time that I had been to the University of Phoenix Stadium (side note: ridiculous name) and its actually a beautiful stadium. I was really surprised and the ginormousness of it though. It is huge!

Keith had warned me on the way to the game that professional football crowds are much different compared to the college football crowds that I am accustomed to. I wasn't sure what he meant until we got there. Boy, are people different! We watched two different guys get removed by security multiple times. How do you get removed multiple times? I mean, they let you come back after the first time? And I'd never seen people fight with other people that are rooting for the same team. Talk about passionate about the game. Geez. You're here for the SAME team guys!

The Cards have had a rough year and they are really missing Kurt Warner. It wasn't really surprising to me that we lost this game, but it was something fun that I Keith and I were able to experience together. Thanks Keith for sticking it out and dodging fights with me!

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