Monday, December 13, 2010

told you so

So my last post was written at 2:50pm today and I just returned (about 9:45pm) from an urgent care trip with Miss Reagan. There is a long story that goes with it involving Rosco, but to keep things brief, Keith accidentally dropped Reagan forehead first onto our tile. She now has her first goose egg and bruise to match, but no concussion. I am completely certain that Keith feels 100 times worse than Reagan does; guilt can be more painful sometimes.

And don't worry. I'll be taking a picture tomorrow morning as soon as there is good light to document the damage.


Olsen Family said...

Hi Katie,

Kaden had his first urgent care visit this weekend. He dove headfirst into the coffee table and ended up with a bloody eye. Or at least we thought it was. Luckily it was just a small cut near his eye. I'll have to post Kaden's war wounds too!

Mattie said...

Oh no! Poor Keith and Reagan! Hope they both feel better soon.