Monday, December 13, 2010

leaky noses and leaky diapers

Not that I am superstitious by any means, but every time I've sat down to type out this post over the course of the past month, the sickness that I think has finally left our home comes back in some new and more intense form. I feel like I might be chancing fate right now, but I need to keep on keepin' on with this blog. Fingers crossed this doesn't come back to haunt me.

About a month ago, Reagan randomly started having some serious nasal congestion, boogers that were colors I never knew boogers could be, a low-grade fever, and some more-awesome-than-normal crabbiness. We chalked it up to teething and after suffering through almost a week of it, she seemed to have shaken it off. Apparently that was not the case and it came back for another week, this time including Luke in the party.

When Luke gets sick, he will happily lounge on the couch watching movies or cartoons all day and take it easy and as long as I manage to keep in comfortable, he typically does pretty good. That is, unless Reagan gets sick at the same time. See, when Reagan gets sick, the world as we know comes to a screeching halt. Literally screeching. And screaming. And crying. This all makes for one unhappy Luke as well. If the combination of my two sick kids is any indication what I might be in for when they really start getting on each others' nerves, I'm in trouble.

After two weeks of incessant runny noses, I was positive we were mended and back to 100% (this was one of those times I sat down to blog). 

Then Reagan started having tummy troubles. Serious tummy troubles. She went for a week straight of having completely liquid poo. I think at that point, I wouldn't even categroize it as poo; more like brown/green/yellow water. It was absolutely disgusting. It leaked out the side of her diaper every few hours and would wake her up multiple time during the night. It was almost like clockwork: she eats and everything comes back out two hours later. It was really sad to watch. Her pediatrician recommended we start her on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast + yogurt). Is anything with Reagan ever easy? Nope. She refuses applesauce and rice, so all she's eating now is bananas, yogurt, and whatever carbs we can get her to eat and keep in her body. And when even those didn't firm things up, we have now been directed to add Metamucil to her bananas. Poor girl.

I swear I'll kick myself for saying this, but we seem to have figured out a way to keep her peaceful now, even if her belly isn't back to 100%. She's back to a sort-of schedule which has helped her sleeping and overall demeanor. Let's hope things keep going in this direction...

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