Saturday, December 25, 2010

seeing santa

Keith and I are slacker parents. Until this year, Luke had never gone to sit on Santa's lap. Horrible, I know. For his first Christmas, I didn't want to traumatize him with the whole process. By last year, I felt bad we hadn't gone the previous year, so we made a day of taking him. Or tried to at least. Reagan tried to make her early entrance a few days before our planned outing, so last year's attempt was a no-go as well. And now this year. After researching the mall Santa and realizing that they charge $16.99 for ONE 5x7, Keith and I decided that wasn't quite the direction we wanted to go. We made a trip to Bass Pro Shop to get a free picture with Santa there, but with line being almost two hours long, we weren't about to make it there.

Lucky for us, Andi and Big Luke wanted to have me take pictures of them with a Santa as a gift for their parents. Andrew was the lucky one who got to dress up as Santa. It actually worked out well. No lines, no crazy screaming kids, and a Santa that they were familiar with.

And just for fun: Luke's strong face.